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Frequently Asked Questions


How much notice do we need?    

Once a physician has cleared the patient for travel and a receiving facility has been secured, Worldwide Medical Escorts can organize travel plans within 24 -72 hours of your initial phone call.

Are medical transports covered under insurance?


Coverage for non-emergent flights will vary with each individual's private insurance plan. Many plans may provide some form of coverage for travel on a commercial airline if a medical escort is deemed necessary by your discharging physician. Travel Insurance that is purchased for vacation protection generally provides for emergency medical evacuation to the nearest suitable medical facility and may also provide medical repatriation on a commercial aircraft when you are ready to return home.

Can someone travel on a commercial flight if they are unresponsive?


Yes! First Class and Business Class reclining seats with footrests or stretcher service can be arranged. For First Class and Business Class travel, our medical escorts can safely support the patient when seated upright for taxiing, take-off, and landing. Thereafter, the patient is fully reclined in a sleeping position or position of comfort for the remainder of the flight.

Can someone travel on a commercial flight if they are non-ambulatory?


Yes! Many of our patients are unable to ambulate onto the aircraft or within the aircraft cabin. Special arrangements are made to safely transfer the patient on and off the aircraft, to their seat, or to their stretcher.

Can someone travel on a commercial flight if they have complex oxygen needs?


Yes! By receiving a physician's order for oxygen, some commercial airlines can generally provide supplemental in-flight oxygen within 48 hours of making the request. However, each carrier has specific guidelines as well as limitations with the amount that they can provide. Your medical escort will be able to monitor and regulate your oxygen requirements with the use of a portable oxygen monitoring device.

Can someone travel with IV fluids on a commercial flight?


Yes! Due to the decreased humidity when flying, adequate fluids are of particular importance. If your condition does not permit you to drink fluids in-flight, our medical escort will administer IV fluids in-flight.

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