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Commercial Medical Air Escorting is a service provided by Worldwide Medical Escorts to our clients that do not require an air ambulance. In today's economy, why pay the high cost of a traditional air ambulance when Worldwide Medical Escorts provides equal or better care! We offer worry free, comfortable, and safe travel for a fraction of the cost!


Regardless of whether a patient can walk, or is immobile and requires total lifting assistance, "One call does it all" to take care of the needs of your family member or client.


Our medical air escort staff consists of highly trained Paramedics, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Physicians, and other medical personnel

Our staff of flight coordinators will work directly with your primary health care provider, and assist them with obtaining medical clearance for travel aboard a commercial airline. We will also make any necessary arrangements for in-flight oxygen, or additional medical equipment that may be required during your flight.


If stretcher transport is not necessary, the patient will be traveling in a First or Business Class Seat, with our medical escort sitting along side so they can monitor the patient during the entire trip. First or Business Class seating provides the patient with maximum comfort as the seats recline back further, and allows more leg room than coach. It also provides the medical escort with more working space to accommodate any required medical equipment.


Every airline has it's own policies regarding fitness for travel by passengers. The patient's medical condition will determine if a medical escort is a viable alternative. Patients with some communicable diseases are not accepted for this type of travel, and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


As always, the safety and care of our client is our utmost priority. This service traditionally costs thousands of dollars less than a private air ambulance, and may be exactly right for what you require.


Aero-medical personnel, usually an accompanying nurse or paramedic, will supply monitoring equipment, bathroom and hygiene assistance, and all necessary aid as required. We take care of every aspect of escorting the patient to unburden the client of technical and procedural tasks involved in transport and travel. 

Included with our services are:             


  • Complete fitnes for travel screening
  • Highly trained registered nurses, paramedics, and respriatory therapists
  • Coordination with airlines and obtaining medical clearance
  • All travel planning
  • Priority airport check in
  • Customs, immigration, and international travel arrangements
  • All inclusive, no obligation written quote
  • Bedside greeting and drop off
  • All ground transportation arrangements
  • First or Business class airline seating
  • Flight following on the day of the trip
  • Continuous weather monitoring
  • Specialized equipment to move immobile patients
  • Weather monitoring prior to the trip
  • Meal assistance
  • Customs, immigration, and international travel arrangements
  • Procedures for incontinence care to assure a worry free trip
  • Continuous In-flight medical care including oxygen, sedation, and pain management
  • Medical reporting to the receiving facility

We also handle patients with special needs:


  • Paralyzed patients with total lift and transfer services
  • Tracheostomy patients
  • International Stretcher Service
  • Ventilated patients
  • Organization of complicated multi-national medical team transfers  

    For more information, please call us toll free at 888-803-6135

To make it as easy as possible for you to utilize our services, we offer a number of different of payment options for you to choose from. We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Bank Transfers, Western Union, Pay Pal, and Government contracts.


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